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The meaning of a true friend



It’s something with which we all can connect we have friends from our childhood ❤  but some still have with us some will definitely continue to our old age 👬 I don’t know what is your age, from where you are , which religion do you belong but!! I know one thing that we all have friends 😊😊

There are many types of friends but some types are:-

  • The selfish friend
  • The friend who show off
  • Friend who always cheat you
  • Friend who are same as hermit
  • But some are best friends

A true friend

But!!! A real friend is one who is always with you 💛 whether you are in struggling years or growing but he always take you as a  🐌  snail’s shell and himself as a snail just as a snail can not deattach from his shell he also can’t. 

Some friends are with us till our old age but some left us at the our struggling age but we don’t have to forget that for them we are also a friend  so we also have to try to as a good friends

A good friend a true friend whatever you want to say is a friend which helps us with no greed but some friends are with us just because there own greed so identify those and keep necessary distance from such type of greedy friends

Friendship is not a contract of few years but a lifetime oath that we all have to take but sometimes we can’t manage to stay more in freidship this is a period in which we get frustrated with our friends and are disturbed from the inner soul but!! Whyyyy it is all happening soo the answer is your mindset so change your mindset and your attitude will automatically be changed 💯 👌           for example— if someone comes to you and tell that your friend is    doing something that you do not even like at all so you are  mistaken you didn’t choose a right kind of friend so always choose a kind hearted true friend

Best friends are one of life’s truly great joys. Deep friendships like these offer solace during hard times and laugh-til-your-face-hurts happiness other times. Even if you’ve spent the past year or months apart, your friendship picks up right where it left off. Best friends might be the first to make a post on social media that makes you smile ,to make you laugh, and gift you the perfect gift they know you’ve been eyeing. you’re just so glad to have friends someone who you can be totally, completely yourself around and know they’ll embrace you 100 percent.

Adverse effects of a friend

We also see some adverse effects of a friend in our lives some of are followed:-

  • In jobs or some other qualifications –  yup!! In some cases when we apply to a job or some other work that need qualifications  we didn’t  get it even though we are more talented and can work more efficiently but your compitator grab that job or opportunity whatever it is this happens because  in which company  or wherever you want to settle there ceniors are freind of your competitor they go with  your competitor but they don’t  know that that  they are doing their own loss as you can  do better their so,, if you are one of them who did not  get job just because  the above mentioned  sarcastic so don’t  worry theyy are doing  their own loss 😉

Bad habits by our friends – some of our friends have some bad habits like in today most of the young generation taking drugs and drinking alcohol 🍸 just because  their mind is tended like that alcohol  nd drugs  are modern fashion and if you want up to the date so, take drugs  or alcohol  so keep distance from such type of  friend or you  have to options:-

  • Keep distance from the bad habits of your friends
  • Or choose a right ✅ friend ( but!! keep in mind there is no having no bad habits in this world)

Gita teaches us to see others as ourselves. In love when we see others as ourselves we will not mistreat them. To have the easiest of love relationships put the other person first and see how beautiful your life becomes.

The real freind ship example we can see in Krishna sudama story if you have not read it yet it is mentioned below

Krishna and sudama the real friends

Sudama was born into a poor Brahmin family. According to the Shaiva literary work “Prakrishta Nandokta Agama”, his father’s name was Sudhamaya, while according to Nigrahacharya, the name of Sudama’s father is mentioned as Darp Kardam in the Nigrahagama, a literary work. Krishna was from the royal family of Yaduvanshi lineage and the avatar of Lord Vishnu. Despite this difference in socioeconomic status, they were educated in the same way. All pupils had to do odd jobs for their Guru and on one such odd job, Krishna and Sudama were sent to the forest to get wood. It started to rain and so they paused under a tree for shelter. Sudama had some chick peas for a snack – it was all he had. Krishna said he was hungry. Sudama at first said that he didn’t have anything. However, when he realised that Krishna was truly hungry, he shared his snack with him. Lord Krishna then told him that chick peas was his favourite snack. Their friendship thus blossomed. When they grew up they went their separate ways, and lost contact over the years. While Krishna became a powerful part of the ruling family at Dwaraka, and became reputed for his deeds beside, Sudama remained a humble and impoverished villager.[5]

When Krishna was ruling, Sudama was going through extreme poverty, and when the family ran out of food for even the children, his wife Susheela reminded him of his friendship with Krishna. Sudama had never asked a favour from Lord Krishna. He thought that was not the purpose of friendship and lived within his means, such as they were. One day Krishna visited him. Sudama was so ashamed of his poverty, he didn’t invite Krishna into his house. Krishna jokingly asked him to serve a snack as he was a guest (guests are supposed to be treated as gods, atithi devo bhava). Sudama, despite his poverty, went inside and got some grains of chick peas (both because he remembered chick peas was Krishna’s favourite, and because there was nothing else in the house). Krishna ate the snack with relish and left with pleasantries. When Sudama turned back to go into the house, he found, amazed, that his house had changed to a palatial mansion from a mean hut. He also found his family inside dressed in opulent garb and waiting for him.[6]

Sudama went to Krishna to ask for an explanation (again taking a gift of chick peas for his friend). Krishna was greatly pleased to see his old friend. He treated him royally and with much love. Overwhelmed by all these Sudama cried and Krishna says, “I love the chick peas that you have always offered me. I need nothing else.” (This gave rise to the ritual of offering food to God before anyone in the house has eaten – somewhat similar to the custom of saying grace before a meal). When Sudama left, Krishna explained to everyone in the palace, “All that I have given him is only his due, because of his devotion”. Thus does Lord Krishna care about his bhakta. On his return journey, Sudama pondered his circumstances and was thankful for the great friend he had, Lord Krishna, and lived an austere life after that, always thankful to the Lord. This miracle of faith and friendship of Lord Krishna and Sudama in Dwarka, is associated with the celebration of the festival of Akshaya Tritiya.[7]

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