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How to stay happy

Happiness is something which we all wanted to have but we all are having lack of it but Happiness is nothing more than a feeling of being happy ๐Ÿ˜Š so try to keep yourself happy.

Our aims:-

  • The seed of happiness
  • The reason’ s we can’t manage to stay happy
  • How to stay happy always
  • The story based on results of being happy ๐Ÿ˜Š

The seed of happiness!!!

The happiness,a habit we all want to grab but can’t manage to do so, we wanted happiness to stay happy because in today’s time all the people no matter who he/she is upper class , middle class , or lower class stay frustrated,in anger or pain of what they are doing to earn their living or whatever even the students the today’s world ๐ŸŒŽ is full of disturbances upperclassmen is thinking to what they can do to expand of what they are doing as the upperclassmen they havea huge expectations with God , middle class is thinking that how they can manage their budgets and fulfill the demands of family and stay happy , the lower class is mainly stay in depression because they have lack of skills or opportunities or resources they wanted .they also have huge expectations with god , well!! I don’t know the causes of all the above but I know one thing that the one who stays happy is always a men who has no demands or expectations with God because they believe in working

Working is worship

So, do not ask God for the easy life pray to gather the power to bear a hard one

God helps those who help themselves

The reasons we can’t stay happy :-

1- We always think in past – we always do that , guys it is the human nature, but can’t we change this can we stop thinking in past .we always thought that if I do that I can finish better!!. we do not think that we had done something, we atleast try it a once we knew, that the work we do in past in some a way at a time in present but we do not that it at that time so, the out come is, think in present because it helps us to do our future more better and when we come to future we don’t think that my past act could be better MORAL– ALWAYS THINK IN PRESENT TIME

2- Negative emotions – negative emotions are nothing but we ourselves created evils that opposes our happiness negative emotions can also be created by others in our minds for others. negative emotions are emotions which are created by ourselves for others or things after watching only negative side of a person or keeping negative thoughts above the positive one’s we should always remember that everyone has negative feelings, emotions, or character but also has a positive impact which is above the negative one MORAL – BURN YOUR NEGATIVE EMOTIONS TO FEEL HAPPY

Self attitude or mindset– the most effective way to stay happy is to change your self attitude or mindset towards other because our self attitude or mindset is something that develops negative emotions in us and we also know the adverse effects of negative emotions The different way to change mindset or self attitude is to keep calm or don’t get angry get focused to what others saying and the most effective way to keep calm is to do meditation just 15 min. A day MORAL CHANGE YOUR SELF ATTITUDE AND MINDSET TOWARDS OTHERS

The happiness is a act of making others laugh

So, make others laugh — shaurya agrawal

Change the above mentioned problems and you can stay happy ๐Ÿ˜Š

Sow the seed of happiness in your heart โค โ™ฅ

— shaurya agrawal


In this greedy world everyone thinks for results of something before doing it. I strongly felt that “we get results when we do something before finishing it we can’t even have to expect the results of what we are doing are always going to be good or satisfying , “so belive in work without thinking of the end results if you are right you’ll get the good results”

The results of happiness will be published in p.2 By next Saturday , “sorry for the inconvenience”

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## Be happy ๐Ÿ˜Š


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